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Resources for Care Homes

As part of our Connecting Stars Programme, we offer free monthly group concerts with a variety of themes and performers.  If you're unable to join us I've or want to re-live the performances, click on the titles below to access the recordings. These concerts are between 30-50 minutes and can also be accessed on our Youtube page. To find out more about the performers, click on their headshots. 

Performers: soprano Sophie Price and pianist Christa Hugo

In celebration of the Coronation of  HRH King Charles III, this concert features a wonderful selection of regal music, from march songs to opera! 

Performers: soprano Susie Gibbons and violinist Ellie Gaynard-Evans 

For St. Patrick's Day this year, we brought together a fabulous Irish singer and talented folk violinist for your entertainment!

2020-11-29-Constella-Christmas-Gala-7 (1).jpg
DSC_0707 (1).JPG

This is an extravaganza of opera ballet designed to bring its audience cheer. The concert includes something for everyone: playful string duets, accordion solos, famous musical theatre ballet, and clever re-imaginings of dances from the Nutcracker Ballet. 

Performers: soprano Sophie Price and baritone Arthur Bruce 

Inspired by the format of a Burns Night supper, this concert features  classic Scottish tunes and recitations of Burn's poetry!

Arthur Bruce Headshot.jpg

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Advice and resouces 

Tips for facilitating virtual concerts 

  • Ensure a staff member is present throughout the concert to check that the audience can see and hear the artist and facilitate interaction between the performer and the audience.

  • Encourage your residents to get involved with singing, dancing, or clapping along.

  • Pass around or hand out instruments for your residents to play with if you have any. Even simple things like scarves which residents can wave, are beneficial.

  • Let performers know in advance if your residents have any requests or favourite styles of Music they enjoy.  

Additional Resources  

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