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We rely on the support of our Friends and Patrons to keep harnessing the power of music for social good, which includes our award winning Young Artist and Connecting Stars Programmes.


Available funding for the arts has seen a sharp fall in recent years and it is not expected this situation  is not expected to reverse any time soon. Arts organisations therefore rely more and more and more on the support of individuals and businesses to survive. Constella is no exception, as a small organisation with limited overheads, we are low on the priority list of foundations and providers whose priority it is to allocate their limited resources to support struggling organisations.

Specific Project Support 

Orchestras of Auschwitz

The company is currently fundraising to finance the stage production of the Orchestras of Auschwitz, to bring it to audiences in 2025. This is based on the extensive research Leo Geyer has undertaken in the archives of Auschwitz-Birkenau. The story of the holocaust is fading out of living memory fast, and the persecution of people is sadly still happening today. We want to bring the story about the orchestras of Auschwitz to a wide and diverse audience.


If you/ your company are interested in supporting Constella to bring this story to life, please get in touch to receive more detailed information about the project:


Constella Orchestra performing at the 10th Anniversary Concert

at Sadler's Wells, November 2024 

Connecting Stars

Connecting Stars is Constella's award-winning programme providing live, interactive and virtual music and dance performances for care homes across the UK, which to date has resulted in over 1,500 performances nationwide. 

Performances are free to care homes who are members of the programme and any care home is welcome to join our monthly themed group performances.'


Donate a Performance: £50

Sponsor a Care Home’s Yearly Subscription: £150

Company Sponsorship 



Become a friend of Constella Music and or buy a Friend Membership as a Gift for someone else and support our future!

Friends of Constella benefits include:

  • Staying connected - receive the company’s newsletter and stay up to date on productions, new works published and our increasing broadcasting portfolio.

  • Early access to ticket sales of new productions and up to 20% reduction on the price for two tickets for our productions.


Friends of Constella Annual Membership Fee: £75

Supporters Circle


Join our supporters circle and receive:

  • All the benefits offered to the Friends of Constella

  • Members of our Supporters Circle will have the option to be named on our website and performance programmes.

  • You will be entitled to two free VIP tickets to a performance per 12-month season

  • Invitations to performance general rehearsals


Supporters Circle Annual Membership Fee:

Individuals: £200

Companies: £500

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