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Taira Foo

Taira worked as a professional dancer for over 20 years, with credits including the original cast of ‘We Will Rock You’. She also appeared in Chicago, Fame, Grease, The Royal Variety Show, Queen's Jubilee, and Party in the Park, collaborating with artists such as Snow Patrol, Brian May, Roger Taylor, Vinnie Jones, Phil Collins, Will Young, Ben Elton, and Arlene Philips. Currently, she works as a choreographer and movement director.


In 2011, she founded TFoo Dance Co., which has received critical acclaim for their four half-hour showcase works, including "The Soloist," an adaptation of the Academy Award-winning "Rain Man," "Flowers in December" inspired by Syrian refugees, and "S I C K," all written and created by Taira.


In addition to these, Taira has choreographed several shorter pieces including dance film ‘UNDO’, which premiered at the San Francisco Dance Film Festival and the Dance on Camera festival in New York. She has also choreographed numerous professional pantomimes, music videos, and theatre productions in the UK.


TF Dance Co, with support from the Arts Council, created 'Prisoner 466', a contemporary dance work based on Mandela's 27-year imprisonment and the international anti-apartheid campaign it inspired. The company also made appeared in Snow Patrol’s latest release ‘Don’t Give in’.


This year she has choreographed a semi-immersive ‘West Side Story’ at Champney’s for Vivo D’Arte and a new musical 'Little Ships', which premiered at the Barnfield Theatre. Currently, Taira is focused on the fourth phase of her new work 'S I C K', which delves into one man's journey through depression. With support from the Arts council, she is working towards touring the work in and around the UK. 

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