On November 25 and 26, Constella premiered a new version of Sideshows in three packed, exhilarating, extraordinarily successful performances at Sadler's Wells' Lilian Baylis Studio. 

Sideshows takes the format of an unhinged circus show, with the Ringmaster (conductor) presenting acts which quickly spiral out of control to hilarious effect. The music, which is provided by an ensemble of clowns, explores the boundaries between jazz and contemporary classical music employing extended jazz harmony, limping grooves and wild improvisation. Some acts are sung whilst others are danced, warping the fundamentals of classical ballet technique to bring the freakish characters to life. 

Stanmer House

Huddled in the shadows of the big top, the weird and wonderful Victorian Sideshows pitch their tents. For one night only, the Ringmaster presents Tickler, the piano-playing clown, and the operatic Palm Reader to Stanmer House for a freakish, immersive performance. 

On Saturday 28th October, Constella will perform excerpts from Sideshows as part of Stanmer House's Halloween Party PHANTASMAGORIA. Click here for more info and to book tickets.

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