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ACT I 30mins 

ACT II 30mins ​

Premiere Production 

6th July 2015, Cockpit Theatre, London


Leo Geyer 


Martin Kratz

Jarry Glavin 

Costume Design

Sebastian Freeburn 

Make-up Design

Billie Mackenzie 

Current Touring Company 

Ringmaster (conductor) Leo Geyer

Palm Reader / Delilah (mezzo-soprano) Rachel Maby 

Dancing Bear / Bearded Lady (dancer) Gyorgy Baan 

The Snake (dancer) Aisling Longshaw 

Mrs Scraper (violin) Henry Rankin 

Mr Scraper (cello) Michael Newman  

Honker (clarinet) Antanas Makštutis

Tickler (piano) Hamish Brown 


11th March 2020, 8pm 

Kings Place, London  


This production was generously supported by the Ralph Vaughen Williams Foundation.


Awarded Lord Mayor's Composition Prize

Awarded Philip Bates Prize for Composers' 

"fun, fizzing and contemporary" 

BBC Radio 3 

"excellent musical mayhem" 

The Daily Express 

"anarchic fairground fun" 

The Opera Magazine 

Roll up, roll up for the award-winning Sideshows and feast your eyes and ears on this opera and ballet spectacular! We at Constella OperaBallet are proud to present our very own ferocious dancing bear, mystical palm reader, explosive fire-eater and more! Ladies and Gentlemen this is a show not to be missed…

Sideshows takes the format of an unhinged circus show, with the Ringmaster (conductor) presenting acts which quickly spiral out of control to hilarious effect. The music, which is provided by an ensemble of clowns, explores the boundaries between jazz and contemporary classical music employing extended jazz harmony, limping grooves and wild improvisation. Some acts are sung whilst others are danced, warping the fundamentals of classical ballet technique to bring the freakish characters to life.

Constella has also delivered a major masterclass programme at West Kent College based on the show.  

Performance History 

17th Feb 2018 - West Kent College 

26th Nov 2017 - Sadler's Wells

25th Nov 2017 - Sadler's Wells

4th July 2016 - Sadler's Wells

22nd Aug 2015 - C Venues

21st Aug 2015 - C Venues

20th Aug 2015 - C Venues

19th Aug 2015 - C Venues

18th Aug 2015 - C Venues

17th Aug 2015 - C Venues

8th Aug 2015 - Grimeborn Opera Festival (Arcola Theatre)

7th Aug 2015 - Grimeborn Opera Festival (Arcola Theatre)

6th Aug 2015 - Grimeborn Opera Festival (Arcola Theatre)

5th Aug 2015 - Grimeborn Opera Festival (Arcola Theatre)

30th July 2015 - live on BBC Radio 3 

24th Sept 2015 - Blackheath Concert Halls  

10th Aug 2015 - Tête à Tête Opera Festival (Kings Place)

9th Aug 2015 - Tête à Tête Opera Festival (Kings Place)

7th Aug 2015 - Broadcasting House, live on BBC Radio 3 

6th July 2015 - Cockpit Theatre 


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