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The world of Virtual Performance

 At Constella, we embrace the possibilities of virtual technology and its potential for increasing meaningful access to high-quality and innovative art. We have been operating our virtual performance programme, Connecting Stars, for three years and have successfully delivered over 1500 concerts and were awarded Most Innovative Performing Arts Organisation by Aquisition International in 2023. 


Below are some of the tips and tricks we have picked up along the way! 

  • Ensure a staff member is present on the other end to check that the audience can see and hear you properly and facilitate interaction.

  • Check your audio levels in Zoom settings ( or another application) to ensure your sounds do not distort at high levels. Also, ensure you have enabled original sound if using backing tracks.

  • If using a speaker to play backing tracks, see if it has a base mode, as Zoom sometimes has difficulty dealing with high frequencies, and this can help reduce this issue.

  • You can test your sound set-up by recording yourself performing and then listening to it back.

  • Use microphones and Internet cables for enhanced quality

  • Remember, a virtual concert doesn't have to be an impersonal one. You can converse with your audience, get them to introduce themselves, join in with clapping and singing and share stories.


Claire Wild performing online as part of our Connecting Stars 

Other Resources 

Watch this technical advice masterclass from the YCAT on how to give a virtual performance

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