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'Reflect on the Past, Wrestle with the Future'


5 mins 


'Meet me at the Sundial'-

Barbican Theatre Plymouth 


Leo Geyer

In 2022,  Leo Geyer participated in the Barbican Theatre Plymouth's 'Meet Me at the Sundial' project, a community initiative to explore Plymothian's relationship with buses and the city's iconic points. Leo was inspired by the poetic description of Plymouth's bus network by Richard Stevens, Director of City Bus, to create "Reflect on the Past, Wrestle with the Future". The piece is a meditative soundscape as requested by passengers, and somewhat unusually, this composition is a duet for bassoon and bus engines!

Every sound has a pitch, including that of a running bus engine. So, embracing the buzzy nature of the bassoon, chords "in-tune" with an engine slowly emerge, eventually evolving into a lyrical melody. The idea is to enable listeners to meditate on the everyday sounds around them and to notice that even the sound of a bus can be beautiful.

'Reflect on the Past, Wrestle with the Future' will be available to download on Plymouth's bus network so that audiences can listen on their own devices.  To listen, click the link below!

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