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Trina Banerjee
Connecting Stars Emerging Artist

Trina Banerjee is in her penultimate year as a music undergraduate at the University of Oxford. She is a singer who has performed repertoire from a variety of genres, from Hindustani Classical music, to Western choral music, and even contemporary pop. Music has always been an irreplaceable part in her life, and stayed a constant with her since she learnt how to play the piano and sing at age 4. She has been officially training in Hindustani Classical music since 2009, while participating in many local competitions in Singapore over the years. She was the student in her middle and high school choirs. Throughout her education in Singapore, Trina has had many opportunities to make a difference through music, such as annually carolling to elderly at a hospital during Christmastime, and participating in music-centred charity projects with underprivileged school children. Trina is passionate about contributing to the community and spreading joy with music, and hopes to do the same with Connecting Stars.

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