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Pierrot Lunaire



Premiere Production 

4th - 8th August 2016

Grimeborn Opera Festival, Arcola Theatre, London



Arnold Schoenberg Pierrot Lunaire


Albert Giraud

German translation by Otto Erich Hartleben

Alfred Taylor-Gaunt 

Costume Design

Sebastian Freeburn 

Make-up Design

Billie Mackenzie 

Premiere Performers 



Pierrot - Matt Petty

Cassander - Peter Moir 

Columbine - Amelia O’Hara

Conductor - Leo Geyer
Soprano - Emma Stannard 
Violin - Tim Rathbone 
Cello - Michael Newman 
Flute - Sarah Bennet Honker
Clarinet - Antanas Makštutis 
Piano - Neil Georgeson 


'a fine demonstration of the depth of talent to be found among
young British musicians at the present time'
Daily Express

'The synergy and interpretative collaboration between the two art forms was magnificent' 

British Theatre

'their experimental approach yields thrilling results' 

Theatre Full Stop 

'this production transforms Pierrot Lunaire into a welcoming and reflective piece' 

London Theatre 1 

Constella’s Pierrot aims to mirror the dark and abstract imagery that is so prominent in Schoenberg's iconic score and the lyric of the poems. The movement provides a third layer to the experience, without compromising the unpredictable nature of the piece. The vivid songs are used to create a conceptual story, focusing on Pierrot's struggle with desire. The staging of the song cycles presents a loose narrative featuring striking moments from the text without dictating an explanation. Pierrot Lunaire is famously abstract; we hope that you enjoy finding your own understanding from our unique interpretation.

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