Orchestras of Auschwitz

In memory of Sir Martin Gilbert 

An opera-ballet production that memorialises the Jewish musicians imprisoned in Auschwitz-Birkenau who were forced to play each day as slave labour commandos set off to and returned from their work. The production will revolve around one of the Sunday concerts given by the camp’s orchestra and vocal soloists. As well as music written in the camp itself, elements of the score will include an original composition in memory of Sir Martin Gilbert, renowned Holocaust historian. Performances will tour across the UK and abroad, in 2017.

If art reflects life, what could be more powerful than the music carried on the wind from Auschwitz? Inspired by Sir Martin's endeavours to write "true history", Leo Geyer and Constella OperaBallet have gleaned music played at the depths of human barbarity to reach into the depths of our souls.”

Lady Esther Gilbert

June 2016

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