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Tête à Tête Opera Festival, Kings Place, 2014


The Rose Theatre, 2013


Roll up, roll up for the award-winning Sideshows! Feast your eyes on this jazz-inspired opera and ballet spectacular. Proudly presenting our very own Dancing Bear, mystical Palm Reader, explosive Fire-eater and more!


Sideshows takes the format of an unhinged circus show, with the Ringmaster (conductor) presenting acts which quickly spiral out of control to hilarious effect. The music, which is provided by an ensemble of clowns, explores the boundaries between contemporary classical music and jazz employing jazz influenced harmony, limping grooves and wild improvisation. Some acts are sung whilst others are danced, warping the fundamentals of classical ballet technique to bring the freakish characters to life. All performers are dressed in outrageous costumes that have been especially made for this piece.


Director - Joel Fisher

Writer - Martin Kratz

Conductor / Composer - Leo Geyer

Choreograher - Alfie Taylor-Gaunt

'Enviable combination of wit, talent and intelligence.'

Fringe Opera, 2014 read more


'All in all this is what modern opera should be, complex yet approachable, highly characterised and brilliantly realised.'

Planet Hughill, 2014 read more

Soldier's Tale is a musical parable by Igor Stravinsky, to be read, played and danced. The story tells of a soldier who trades his violin to the devil in exchange for a mysterious book. As the tale unfolds, the soldier and devil devise mischievous schemes to outwit each other.



Choreography - Jaered Glavin

Conductor - Leo Geyer

Composer - Igor Stravinsky

Writer - C. F. Ramuz

'I have only admiration and praise for the Constella Orchestra and their conductor Leo Geyer.'

Planet Hughill read more

'Great actors, talented dancers, marvellous musicians and a scrumptious narrator show us an astonishing performance with good timing and synchronization'

Surrey Comet read more

Tête à Tête Opera Festival, The Riverside Studios, 2012


Based on a Cornish legend, the opera brings the mermaid to life in a dramatic collision with the 21st century, exploring the ever shifting boundaries of memory, myth and reality.



Composer / Creator - Leo Geyer

Writer - Martin Kratz

Director - Florence Wright

'This was composer-conductor Leo Geyer’s imaginative and beautifully shaped take on the Cornish legend, Mermaid of Zennor, an update of the timeless myth of the woman of the sea luring the man of the land. And, thanks to Martin Kratz’s pungent, spare and self-echoing libretto and the salty sea-surge of Geyer’s score, this one left me wanting more.'

The Times, 2012 read more

Lilian Baylis Studio, Sadler's Wells, 2014


Constella is delighted to present three premieres by English National Ballet's Associate Artist George Willamson. Opening the programme will be a solo piece for Nancy Osbaldeston (winner of ENB's Emerging Dancer Competition 2012) to Copland's iconic work Appalachian Spring.


Barber's Adagio for Strings provides a heartfelt accompaniment to a beautiful pas de deux and Constella's Constella’s first visit to Lilian Baylis Studio at Sadler’s Wells, concludes with a explosive quartet with music by the minimalist composer Judd Greenstein.



Choreographer - George Williamson

Conductor - Leo Geyer

Composers - Samuel Barber, Aaron Copland, Judd Greenstein

IMG_0206LR - Copy

'Soaring delight.' ****

The Stage, 2014 read more

'a joy to watch'

Dance Musings, 2014 read more

'Reduced to mush by open-hearted playing in Appalachian Spring'

Opera Last Night, 2014 read more

Bloomsbury Theatre & The Swiss Church, 2015


Constella Ballet & Orchestra and Helios Collective come together to form a travelling troupe of modern day bohemians, presenting an evening fusing opera, ballet and theatre.


Soldier's Tale is a musical parable by Igor Stravinsky, to be read, played and danced. The story tells of a soldier who trades his violin with the devil in exchange for a mysterious book. As the tale unfolds, the soldier and devil devise mischievous schemes to outwit one another.


Stravinsky’s opera-ballet Renard is based on a Russian Folk tale; a comically dark fable presenting a curious series of events between farmyard animals. This premiere production will feature new choreography by Erico Montes of The Royal Ballet.



Director - Ella Marchment

Conductor - Leo Geyer

Composer - Igor Stravinsky

Renard Choreograher - Erico Montes

Soldier's Tale Choreographer - Jaered Glavin


Grimeborn Opera Festival, Arcola Theatre, 2015

Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2015


Roll up, roll up for this opera-ballet circus spectacular! Experience the darkest and most jovial of Clown themed tales in one evening!


This unique interpretation of Pierrot Lunaire adds new choreography to Schoenberg’s iconic score. It’s paired with the award-winning Sideshows, an unhinged circus show set to a jazz-inspired score by Leo Geyer (as heard on BBC Radio 3).


Sung and danced, freakish and dead funny, The Clown of Clowns comes to Grimeborn for five performances only.


Director - Joel Fisher

Writer - Martin Kratz

Conductor / Composer - Leo Geyer

Composer - Arnold Schoenberg

Choreograher - Alfie Taylor-Gaunt

"… new insights into an old work that made it seem much less forbidding and more accessible than usual”.

***** British Theatre, 2015 read more

"one of the most imaginative and bewildering shows I have seen for a long time. ”. 

The Daily Express, 2015 read more

"Their experimental approach yields thrilling results”. 

Theatre Full Stop, 2015 read more

"Geyer is a masterful creator: dipping his paintbrush into a colourful palette of art forms and making unfamiliar music fun by using drama, dance and theatricality as tools to draw audiences in".

Fringe Opera, 2015 read more